Prior to his death in 1993, Lonnie asked Roger Sachs, a close friend, to ghostwrite his life story. Together, they recorded hundreds of hours of audio and video testimonies to ensure that the stories of God's working would be preserved for generations to come.The Not by Might, Nor by Power series is the personal, compelling result of their collaboration, covering the life of this powerful minister of the gospel. 


Book One: The Jesus Revolution

In Book One, The Jesus Revolution, Lonnie opens up about his troubled childhood, the brokenness that marked his early life, and his experimentation with drugs and different forms of spirituality. After his radical conversion to Christianity in Tahquitz Canyon, Lonnie begins his groundbreaking ministry as an evangelist, culminating in the expansion of Calvary Chapel with Chuck Smith and the major cultural movement known as the Jesus People Revival of the early 1970s.


Book Two: The Great Commission

In Book Two, The Great Commission, Lonnie embarks on a mission trip to Central and South America, Israel, Europe, and Africa, experiencing a new level of the Holy Spirit’s power and anointing. In 1980, Lonnie dramatically shakes things up back home in America and helps ignite what is known today as the Vineyard movement. Through interviews with first-hand witnesses, close friends, and the words of Lonnie himself, readers can follow Lonnie around the world as he goes to the nations for Jesus.