Excerpt #1 from Lonnie's Book - The Cave

I LOOKED DOWN the beach. It is one of those beautiful northern California coastlines with lots of driftwood, and fog, and powerful waves crashing on the rocks with slaps of thunder. It is 1970 in the middle of winter. The fog coming in is cold, but I feel nothing but exhilaration as I continue my long walk alone in this rugged beauty. I can see down the coast, probably about a mile. Taking my time, I walk and walk, and then –– “Far out,” I see the opening of a really large cave. Inside, I'm amazed at the ceiling structure. It goes way up there, and it's like being inside a “subterranean” room. This is definitely beautiful and cool. I've never seen a cave this big on a northern California beach.

I say to myself, being a good “glossolalia” – practicing hippie, “The echo to worship God in here is perfect!” I start singing. As I worship the Lord a presence fills the cave. It is Holy. It is ethereal. I hear the Lord say in my mind, “There are five people coming down the beach right now. I want you to tell them about me.” The sweetness of his voice filled the air. I was worshiping in the spirit, and lifting my hands. And then, God met me in worship –– with divine guidance.

Now keep in mind, I had just walked all over this beach, and there was no one around but the seagulls. It was totally deserted. It’s the middle of winter, and even with my jacket on it is miserably northern California cold! However, as I walk outside of the cave, there are five guys coming down the beach toward me –– like magic, just like He told me in the Spirit!