Excerpt #3 Lonnie's Intro to drugs


Getting back to my introduction to drugs, like I said, I was terrified to try that “devil weed,” but was dropping acid on the weekends, and having all kinds of hallucinations –– at sixteen years old. Eventually in our society marijuana became the basic threshold drug, but it was a different process for me. I got involved in a drug cult in Laguna Beach called “Mystic Arts,” which was part of a widespread organization of psychedelic acidheads under Timothy Leary and the brotherhood. Different groups lived in Hawaii, and in Laguna Canyon, while still others branched off, and lived up in Silverado Canyon.

We had communities of people that believed in LSD as a religion. Umm –– I only turned on hundreds of people to drugs. I was definitely convinced and committed. I bought LSD with my own money, and gave it to sixteen-year-old kids my age, and to my older brother, my neighbors, people I went to school with –– to anybody and everybody who wanted to turn on.

I’d say, “Hey, you wanna drop acid with me this weekend?” And then we’d go out to wilderness places –– and all take LSD. 

We were dealing LSD to other high school kids, and junior high kids. We sold vials of acid, and four-way acid tabs that would put you on a 12-hour psychedelic high –– that you couldn’t come down from if you begged! That was one of the most important things that would happen. It was the main ingredient of the acid test. The test was more or less, “can you get in, and can you get out???”