One day I was up in the canyon again by myself. It was a real hike back into the local Palm Springs mountains. There is a beautiful stream, and waterfalls along the way, and it is such a cool place. I finally arrived at one of my favorite spots. I took off all my clothes, and literally screamed up to heaven –– “Jesus, if you are really real –– reveal yourself to me!!!”

Suddenly the whole atmosphere began to change around me. It began to tingle, and shimmer, and glow. I thought –– “Ahaaaaa Ahaaaw!!! I don’t even want to be here!”

I was scared, and shocked, and positive it was not an LSD flashback. I didn’t hear an audible voice, but knew that I was in the presence of God Almighty. Then I saw a radiant vision clear as crystal. I saw thousands and thousands of young people at the ocean, lined up in huge crowds along the coast –– and they were going out into the water being baptized. I could see it! I knew instantly that Jesus was real –– and that He was calling me to follow him. As the Lord lifted up my eyes I saw a harvest field of people. They were like a huge wheat field. I saw in the vision thousands and thousands of people in the valley of decision.

The power of the Holy Spirit surrounded me from within and from without. Then I saw a light from heaven come down, and ordain me –– and I could hear Him say, “Go in my name for I have touched your lips with a coal of fire that burns ever before the presence of God. Proclaim to the people that I am coming soon.”

It was the most radical moment of my life. At eighteen years old God was calling me to serve Him. It blew my mind –– but I was definitely saying –– “Yes Lord!”

Roger Sachs