Excerpt #6 Mike MacIntosh

In his book, Mike goes on to tell how he committed his life to Christ that night when I gave the invitation. He had previously prayed to Jesus as a young child, but had drifted into a life of rebellion, confusion, drugs, sex, and rock-and-roll. At twenty-six he was near the bottom of the barrel, after chasing UFOs, different gurus, and bad LSD trips. He had even been locked up in a mental institution.

However, he didn’t mention in his book, how that he came up to me in the beginning of the church service, saying –– “Oh preacher, the side of my head is blown off!!”But that’s what he said, and he looked exactly like a street person to me. He had a look in his eyes that was gone. If you can imagine someone coming up to you saying that the side of their head was blown off –– what would you say back to them? Especially if you’re on the platform trying to share Christ to over a thousand people. I said, “Go sit down over there.” I needed to get rid of him, so he wouldn’t take my train of thought away. I needed to focus to preach that night. He went over and sat on the floor in the crowd. I don’t remember exactly what I preached about, but I do remember that in the middle of the service the Holy Spirit began to move on me with a “word of knowledge.” It’s one of the nine gifts of the Spirit available to believers. Let me remind you that the gifts of the Spirit are not just for preachers –– they are available to all believers, in every situation.

I said, “The Lord is showing me that someone here is being healed of LSD flashbacks.”I want to mark this –– that it was the only time in 24 years of ministry that I ever called out a word of knowledge for somebody being healed of LSD flashbacks. It was the one and only time. Almost immediately the young man with half of his head blown off jumped up and started yelling –– “I’ve been healed!!! I’ve been healed!!! I’ve been healed!!! It’s me!!! I’m the one that’s healed of LSD flashbacks!!!” But at the moment, I didn’t think so. He was so radical in what he was saying. He was yelling and making a scene –– but Mike was healed from LSD flashbacks, and has gone on to start and pastor Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, which has also become one of the largest and most solid churches in the United States. That evening after he made an adult decision for Christ, Mike MacIntosh came into our afterglow service. Along with about a hundred other new believers he was baptized with power from on high –– power and anointing to serve. That’s what the baptism of the Holy Spirit is all about. He wrote about these experiences in detail, which you can read about in his book, “For the Love of Mike.” 

What a mighty, mighty God we serve!!!

So, we are created to please God, to “be” in him through his Son, and to bear good fruit, as we abide in his loving presence. That’s the target. We are the branches –– He is the life-giving vine. With the overcoming power of God we can, and will produce good fruit and hit the target. 

Roger Sachs