Excerpt #3 Lonnie's Intro to drugs


Getting back to my introduction to drugs, like I said, I was terrified to try that “devil weed,” but was dropping acid on the weekends, and having all kinds of hallucinations –– at sixteen years old. Eventually in our society marijuana became the basic threshold drug, but it was a different process for me. I got involved in a drug cult in Laguna Beach called “Mystic Arts,” which was part of a widespread organization of psychedelic acidheads under Timothy Leary and the brotherhood. Different groups lived in Hawaii, and in Laguna Canyon, while still others branched off, and lived up in Silverado Canyon.

We had communities of people that believed in LSD as a religion. Umm –– I only turned on hundreds of people to drugs. I was definitely convinced and committed. I bought LSD with my own money, and gave it to sixteen-year-old kids my age, and to my older brother, my neighbors, people I went to school with –– to anybody and everybody who wanted to turn on.

I’d say, “Hey, you wanna drop acid with me this weekend?” And then we’d go out to wilderness places –– and all take LSD. 

We were dealing LSD to other high school kids, and junior high kids. We sold vials of acid, and four-way acid tabs that would put you on a 12-hour psychedelic high –– that you couldn’t come down from if you begged! That was one of the most important things that would happen. It was the main ingredient of the acid test. The test was more or less, “can you get in, and can you get out???”

Excerpt #2 From Lonnie's Book - How Lonnie met the Lord

ONE OF THE bright spots in my young life was my grandmother Naomi. Thank God for her. She was a simple, uncomplicated lady. As I mentioned before, she was my grandma on my mother’s side. She belonged to the First Christian Church. She didn’t really conceive that there were any other kinds of believers other than First Christian. I love her very much. She also had a real strong interest in making sure that I attended Sunday School. She bought me all brand new clothes, brand new shoes, and a white shirt with a little bow tie. Then she marched me down to a little Pentecostal church, (which was the closest church to my house), where the people –– you know –– “Shandala Shandi” –– speak in

tongues, and shout “GLORY HALLELUJAH!!” –– and

things like that. As a child, I thought it was radical and wonderful.

One day they brought me to a little puppet show. It was in a Union Hall on Chapman Avenue in Orange, California. For the first time in my life I really heard the Gospel story. I heard how Jesus died for me and gave His life on the cross –– so that I could have eternal life. Suddenly, I understood that, and went forward to the stage area at this little marionette puppet show. I got down on my knees and accepted Christ into my heart. I was eight years old, and can take you to the very spot, in the very same building where it happened. I was born from above by the supernatural resurrection power of God. It is absolutely the greatest miracle anyone can experience no matter what age they are!

Excerpt #1 from Lonnie's Book - The Cave

I LOOKED DOWN the beach. It is one of those beautiful northern California coastlines with lots of driftwood, and fog, and powerful waves crashing on the rocks with slaps of thunder. It is 1970 in the middle of winter. The fog coming in is cold, but I feel nothing but exhilaration as I continue my long walk alone in this rugged beauty. I can see down the coast, probably about a mile. Taking my time, I walk and walk, and then –– “Far out,” I see the opening of a really large cave. Inside, I'm amazed at the ceiling structure. It goes way up there, and it's like being inside a “subterranean” room. This is definitely beautiful and cool. I've never seen a cave this big on a northern California beach.

I say to myself, being a good “glossolalia” – practicing hippie, “The echo to worship God in here is perfect!” I start singing. As I worship the Lord a presence fills the cave. It is Holy. It is ethereal. I hear the Lord say in my mind, “There are five people coming down the beach right now. I want you to tell them about me.” The sweetness of his voice filled the air. I was worshiping in the spirit, and lifting my hands. And then, God met me in worship –– with divine guidance.

Now keep in mind, I had just walked all over this beach, and there was no one around but the seagulls. It was totally deserted. It’s the middle of winter, and even with my jacket on it is miserably northern California cold! However, as I walk outside of the cave, there are five guys coming down the beach toward me –– like magic, just like He told me in the Spirit!