Iris -

I did love it... total Holy Spirit holiness... I only wish I would have known or met Lonnie.. you did a fantastic job of this book.. it was a page turner, I laughed and cried.. I can't wait for the next in the series... thank you... there is tangible impartation in the pages of this book... Iris

Al -

May 1970. Lonnie led this young Marine to a lasting relationship with Christ and baptized me at Corona Del Mar. That began a lasting friendship lasting over 20 years. I knew of his struggles and failings. But Christ was the core of our friendship. Though we saw each other rarely, when we reunited our fellowship was as if we'd seen each other just yesterday. Miss him still.

Steve -

I was 14 and heard Lonnie preach on Greenville St. We parked 1/4 mile away and walked. There were hippies everywhere saying "One Way brother; Jesus!" No standing room even. Windows and doors crowed into the street with people. Lonnie said "Jesus is here; Jesus is real; Jesus in Now!" That's all I remember him saying but my life has never been the same to this day.

Glenn -

I just finished the book, man!....awesome! How long do I have to wait to get "The Great Commission"? Totally inspiring book, I broke down several times as I read it. In fact it is funny, while reading about the clubfoot, a gentleman came into our store telling us about his bird having a clubbed foot. Also yesterday I had an encounter with a man that that Lonnie prayed for. I know of a few people personally that got saved through his ministry. I have listened to their testimony, mind blowing. Anyway, praise Jesus!

Sandie - Favorite Story

Favorite Story: ...So much water under the bridge, and so so much of Lonnie Frisbee there, like another life. I was what is called now, 'radically saved,' in San Diego. As a very new believer I stumbled here and there between fellowships, that were then in people's houses mostly, and every one including me, had very long hair. The first Maranatha outreach concert was in San Diego. I had been to a strange church and was approached by their people at the concert telling me, " you are meant to go to our church." I was confused and afraid. A girl I talked to took me to talk to Lonnie about it. As I walked up to all these really tall men, there was a shorter man in the middle of them. He turned to me, and without any hesitation or even an introduction he said, ' these men are not of God. They have a spirit of divination. Stay away from them.' Like it was said of Jesus, He had so much power and authority! It startled me.When he prayed for me everything turned white, bright white. No one had told him why I was there. I subsequently moved to Costa Mesa and I can tell you, I never before or since met anyone like Lonnie. We all loved him so deeply because he loved Jesus, and was so loved by God. Lonnie's physical father had huge problems. Lonnie found the father he was longing for in God, the Father. Most people never understood that.

Patti -

Loved the book, cant wait for the second book. There is a reason why so much interest in this man now and not twenty years ago. I think we have more compassion and less judgement now and perhaps even though Lonnie has gone to Glory, he is still influencing the growth of the church and giving people hunger for the Holy Spirit. Can't wait to meet him in heaven someday!

Doug -

I never met Lonnie but I did have a dream a couple years ago. A friend and I were walking along this railroad track in the dark. And there stood Lonnie all lit up like a guiding post... He was pointing his index finger toward a huge white cross ahead of me. It was glowing. The interpretation I got at the time is there is another major Jesus people revolution just ahead and it is very important to stay on track. This train is bound for glory this train.

I believe GLORYING IN THE CROSS and all that it means in simplicity is a key to opening that portal... Thanks for keeping his memory alive. He was a significant signpost not only of a historical move in recent history but what the grace of God will do in anyone's life... no matter how broken. I believe a double portion of Lonnie's mantle is ready to be taken up... and I have my sights set on the same community he was drawn from. God is not done with the neo hippy jam movement that is ripening in the harvest fields right now... I can tell you that much