I first met Lonnie in 1982. He had just returned from South Africa, and my cousin, Willie Crew sat next to him on the plane. (Willie is from South Africa). As the trip ensued, many stories were told by Lonnie to Willie. 

Willie came to visit me in Southern California during that trip and wanted to take me to a meeting with a \"guy he met\" on the flight. I was a very traditional conservative in those days. We went over to Lonnie\'s home where he was cooking on the grill. My first thought about this man was not good. He was drinking a beer (something that to me in those days was quite sinful) and I knew he would be speaking that night. I am quite sure my religious \"critters\" caused him to not like me either. (smile). 

That night during the meeting as he invited the Spirit of God to come on the kids, my two year old Jenni was greatly touched... which in turn really touched my heart. 

I soon became involved in Vineyard Yorba Linda (formerly Calvary Yorba Linda) and would see Lonnie many times over the next few years. Always watching as the power of God moved through him in amazing ways. 

Very grateful for that period of time in my life and the deposit made by Lonnie and John Wimber during that era. I still adhere to the notion that our God is powerful and wanting to move through ordinary people who have understood that God wants His Church back... that He wants to be the Head... and will use anyone who carries that heart! 

Roger SachsComment