Steve - I Knew Lonnie from the House of Miracles

My first wife Michelle and I were very close to Lonnie in the very early days of Calvary and continued our friendship with him when he was in Mt. View. After my divorce I continued to occasionally visit with him until about 5 or 6 years before his death. Unfortunately I was also a participant during his dark days. I have not read your book yet but will definately pick it up. I have many stories (good and not so) I am sure you haven't heard and would love to talk to you. Ask Stan about me for confirmation. Some of the stories are truly amazing. I also want to say, though we had a falling out, initiated by me, I love Lonnie as my brother and probably knew him as few have. He is the reason I am still walking with Jesus today. Well, Jesus really is but you know what I mean. 

Roger Sachs