A Story from Susie

Yes I knew him! On my first visit to Calvary Chapel ( in the smaller, original building, which later became Maranatha Village) ....it was a Concert, Bible Study, Debbie Kerner was singing " Come to the Waters". Lonnie announced, " If anyone wants MORE of Jesus, please stay afterwards for the Afterglow Service ". So, I stayed and Lonnie was going up and down every aisle laying hands on our heads, praying and I suddenly began singing in another language! I did not know what was happening! He told me I had just been filled with the Holy Spirit and that I had just received "the Anointing for my ministry"...He had me stand up and keep on singing praises in "my new language" while he explained to everyone what was happening to me. Some journalist was there and later interviewed me about the experience.I did not know it at the time, but he was writing a book about the "Jesus Movement". He wrote about what happened that night in his book, which a friend showed me many years later

Can't recall the title of the book. Years later I went to his mom's house with a friend for lunch. Lonnie was there and we talked about that experience I had years before. He was always at the Maranatha Musicians Retreats I attended and we'd talk now and then. I do believe he had a powerful Anointing, gifts of the Holy Spirit that were used to heal and help thousands of people. No matter what may have happened towards the end of his life. God had used him Mightily for many years. Yes, Lonnie was "the REAL DEAL " !

Roger Sachs