Doug -

I never met Lonnie but I did have a dream a couple years ago. A friend and I were walking along this railroad track in the dark. And there stood Lonnie all lit up like a guiding post... He was pointing his index finger toward a huge white cross ahead of me. It was glowing. The interpretation I got at the time is there is another major Jesus people revolution just ahead and it is very important to stay on track. This train is bound for glory this train.

I believe GLORYING IN THE CROSS and all that it means in simplicity is a key to opening that portal... Thanks for keeping his memory alive. He was a significant signpost not only of a historical move in recent history but what the grace of God will do in anyone's life... no matter how broken. I believe a double portion of Lonnie's mantle is ready to be taken up... and I have my sights set on the same community he was drawn from. God is not done with the neo hippy jam movement that is ripening in the harvest fields right now... I can tell you that much


Roger Sachs