A Story from Susie

Yes I knew him! On my first visit to Calvary Chapel ( in the smaller, original building, which later became Maranatha Village) ....it was a Concert, Bible Study, Debbie Kerner was singing " Come to the Waters". Lonnie announced, " If anyone wants MORE of Jesus, please stay afterwards for the Afterglow Service ". So, I stayed and Lonnie was going up and down every aisle laying hands on our heads, praying and I suddenly began singing in another language! I did not know what was happening! He told me I had just been filled with the Holy Spirit and that I had just received "the Anointing for my ministry"...He had me stand up and keep on singing praises in "my new language" while he explained to everyone what was happening to me. Some journalist was there and later interviewed me about the experience.I did not know it at the time, but he was writing a book about the "Jesus Movement". He wrote about what happened that night in his book, which a friend showed me many years later

Can't recall the title of the book. Years later I went to his mom's house with a friend for lunch. Lonnie was there and we talked about that experience I had years before. He was always at the Maranatha Musicians Retreats I attended and we'd talk now and then. I do believe he had a powerful Anointing, gifts of the Holy Spirit that were used to heal and help thousands of people. No matter what may have happened towards the end of his life. God had used him Mightily for many years. Yes, Lonnie was "the REAL DEAL " !

Steve - I Knew Lonnie from the House of Miracles

My first wife Michelle and I were very close to Lonnie in the very early days of Calvary and continued our friendship with him when he was in Mt. View. After my divorce I continued to occasionally visit with him until about 5 or 6 years before his death. Unfortunately I was also a participant during his dark days. I have not read your book yet but will definately pick it up. I have many stories (good and not so) I am sure you haven't heard and would love to talk to you. Ask Stan about me for confirmation. Some of the stories are truly amazing. I also want to say, though we had a falling out, initiated by me, I love Lonnie as my brother and probably knew him as few have. He is the reason I am still walking with Jesus today. Well, Jesus really is but you know what I mean. 

Jim - Mother's Day. 1980. Vineyard, Yorba Linda

"Mothers Day 1980... That is when Carol Wimber believes the Vineyard Movement was birthed. He (Lonnie) called all the young kids to the front, I'm saying to myself this will never work, he couldn't even get their attention, then with that classic shrill voice full of authority he shouted 'the power of God is on you' and clumps of kids hit the floor. children almost never succumb to social psychological manipulation -I had witnessed many failed attempts - this was real, afterward 20 minutes later I saw 10 and 14 year old kids still crying -then they went back to school dragged their friends back with them and the church doubled in size twice in a few months."

Dale - Remembering Lonnnie

Lonnie Frisbee was a good friend of mine during the Jesus movement. He invited me tome down to Costa Mesa in the early days of Calvary Chapel. I enjoyed seeing Lonnie cooperate with the Holy Spirit night after night bringing in the Harvest.This biography of Lonnie by Roger Sachs allows Lonnie Frisbee to tell his own story. I know some stories are a little wild but as God pours out Himself in His infinite nature by the Spirit the Kingdom comes and anything is possible. Roger has done a huge work of love in his truthful and affectionate treatment of the life of this precious brother.

Malachi - Relevant for today

Great insights into ministry and life from the man himself. Understanding Lonnie's personal history puts both his successes and failures into perspective. Too often people look at the tip of the iceberg so to speak without understanding what lies beneath. This book examines his upbringing and his struggles but does so much more. Lonnie's story will inspire and equip others to do the work of the ministry and step out of the box others may have unintentionally framed for them. A real tug at the heart strings is his story.


I first met Lonnie in 1982. He had just returned from South Africa, and my cousin, Willie Crew sat next to him on the plane. (Willie is from South Africa). As the trip ensued, many stories were told by Lonnie to Willie. 

Willie came to visit me in Southern California during that trip and wanted to take me to a meeting with a \"guy he met\" on the flight. I was a very traditional conservative in those days. We went over to Lonnie\'s home where he was cooking on the grill. My first thought about this man was not good. He was drinking a beer (something that to me in those days was quite sinful) and I knew he would be speaking that night. I am quite sure my religious \"critters\" caused him to not like me either. (smile). 

That night during the meeting as he invited the Spirit of God to come on the kids, my two year old Jenni was greatly touched... which in turn really touched my heart. 

I soon became involved in Vineyard Yorba Linda (formerly Calvary Yorba Linda) and would see Lonnie many times over the next few years. Always watching as the power of God moved through him in amazing ways. 

Very grateful for that period of time in my life and the deposit made by Lonnie and John Wimber during that era. I still adhere to the notion that our God is powerful and wanting to move through ordinary people who have understood that God wants His Church back... that He wants to be the Head... and will use anyone who carries that heart! 


"Stan Frisbee delivered Roger's book to me yesterday 10/6/12. Of course i read it cover to cover without putting it down, like a kid with a new toy at Christmas. 

Having know Lonnie since I was 17 years old I am very familiar with a lot of what ws written in the book. Roger did not spin Lonnie's story in any direction. He let Lonnie tell his own story as Lonnie told it..."